February 26, 2005

Books, Books, Books, Books....

I had been to Poona last month....for a Kaizen Mela....but this is not about that....rather, this is about the killing I made in a bookstore, where me and buddy Rupesh cleaned a bookshop away, buying three bagsful of books amounting to a coupla' grand...

Mois now got the following in my collection
1. Lateral Thinking - Ed de Bono
2. The Toyota Way - Jim Liker
3. Hire and keep the best people - Brain Tracey (this is for Nikunj.. he needs it more than I do)
4. The Goal - Eliyahu Goldratt
5. The McKinsey way - Ethan Raisel
6. The Monk who sold his Ferarri - R. Sharma
7. Psychology - dunno who...gave this to Audrey darling
8. some more I lost track of......
while Rpesh bagged
Da Vinci Code
Agatha Christi
Wings of Fire - APJ Abdul Kalam
and many more chotta mota books....whew!!!!

Plan to go on a reading overdrive in the next few weeks....back to the days of old....
Lot has happened in the past 5 months....CAT happened....did well by my standards....not that I believe in the system, but its the best that can be got when u've got 160,000 aspirants...now I have the opportunity to present myself before two institutes....

btw, NITIE has been a dream insti since SE days..(that's second year engg.)...hope I can make it...