April 29, 2006

Errata: to an earlier post

First I apologize. Many people have been asking me about the post 'The truth behind BSchool PLacements' and I have come out with revised figures. With the help of the most famous ManDevIan on pagalguy. So here goes

I revise the average post tax in hand to 35-37k (thats a hefty 20% increase). Means pre-tax you will be getting around 52-55k types. (Again as I said, its a lot of money .. but thats beside the point here)
Hence you can count 6-6.5L plus the other heads that pull it up to those numbers that newspaper reporter's love to talk about.

Have fun! and please prospective BSchoolers this was just in response to clarification. I'm not glorifying my institute here. Please do not select a BSchool based on the reported figures. Instead like the Alchemist said 'Follow your dreams! And the whole world will conspire to get you there' ;)

Have fun!

April 25, 2006

Handshaking Vs The Corporate Life

I miss Siemens. Rather it would be more appropriate to say that I miss the Siemens culture. My day at Siemens began by shaking hands. I was the first person to board the company bus and so anybody who came onboard would shake my hand.

It all began with induction, where the HR Director, Mr Anil Nadkarni would shake our hand first thing in the morning. A firm handshake, it almost jolted you out of your lethargy. You could actually feel the zing of the man. Then everyone would greet you with a handshake. I had never done so much handshaking before.

On the job, everyday from 8:15 I'd go to inspect my line. And being at the end of the factory farthest from the office, I had to pass through the relay, contactor and switches lines. On the way I shook hands and greeted many. You could actually feel the warmth of the place. Over the next year handshaking became a way of life. It is really a good way to greet people. I was told that it wasn't prevalent in the offices. (Today I understand what that means)

The office culture is very different from the shop floor at Semens (I say that coz I have seen shop floors at other companies and though it looked great it didn't feel great). Desk jobs suck! All you interact with (rather most of the time) during your work is a stupid box which will accept anything you type and show it back to you on a screen (How brilliant!). Your arse pains from the constant sitting and you can actually feel your tummy expanding in all directions. Worse, everyone seems to be engrossed with their boxes. There is no shouting, hollering, ranting that takes place. The clanging of machines, pneumatic devices et al is replaced by the dull humming of the AC. There are no opportunities to roll up your sleeves and indulge in grease and oil.

Worse still no one shakes hands. I still remember my Boss coming first thing in the morning to shake hands with each member of the department. Pity, it never happens in an office!

April 22, 2006

1000 hits (and possibly screwed too)

Past few days have seen unprecedented traffic on my blog. Thanks to some soul on pagalguy.com who has advertised my link and has probably made parts of my personal life public. Though I started blogging way back in June 2004, almost two years ago, I installed the hit counter on November 30th. Even so, there might not be a big lag in actual versus official dates coz the blog was not visited frequently. Returning visitors were Venkee and Milan.

The site stats thrown up by Bravenet.
How I wish that graph were indicative of my investments!

But since MDI happened, Guru Bhobe (blog)has been a regular. Along with Ronnie and some others. Bhobe is a revolutionary poet in the making. Ronnie is MDI's arse (coz everyone likes to kick it!) Sorry Ronnie ... had to say it. For all their efforts, they could never make the graph look the way it is today.

Which puts me in the soup. I know some of the faculty who read pagalguy, especially following the interview reviews pertaining to MDI. Now our profs are sure to have read my posts here. Which means that I am screwed. Anyways I had my opinion and I voiced it with backing.

So much for the other side of publicity!

April 11, 2006

Mumbai -- A changed city

Mumbai has changed. And for the worse. For the past few days I have been stumped as to how can a city that was once known for its hospitality, relative safety for womenfolk, and many other adjectives (that do not come to mind at this unearthly hour) have become a nightmare for its residents.

Today I was conned by a taxi-driver on the way to work. Sad. It was my first day and this guy takes me for a ride around Worli. The same thing would have been unthinkable in the past. So much for the trust of Mumbaikars.

My parents tell me that crime is on the rise. Young call centre employees get mugged at night. Though Im not a big fan of the BPO industry still this is sumthing that never happened or were rare before. Nowadays its very common.

Women are not safe. Flashing is a common phenomena. Especially in deserted streets and quiet neighbourhoods. Whatever happened to Mumbai. Its getting scary.

Today I walked back from the station. Just for kicks. The road to the station is blocked with autorickshaws all over the place. Usually I skipped between vehicles to walk from the station to the bus-stand. Today there wasnt possible. The place sucked. Worse none of the rickshawallas wanted to take a fare to Orlem??!! All the ricks are driven by young Biharis. Dunno whether its their attitude that is killing the city.

Long time back we criticised the Shiv Sena for the 'Mee Mumbaikar' campaign. Everyone got up and against it. But then, post that we havent done anything to preserve the culture of this city. We have allowed it to go to the dogs. Atleast I can clearly notice the difference. Wonder whether that was a right decision then?

April 6, 2006

Of old times & old memories

The thrill of coming back home is almost gone. Rather now in retrospect I think it was the thrill of getting out of college and acads for the next 2 odd months. Had a great first day at home and it ended there. The next day I took a walk just like the days when Audrey and me took our long walks. This time I was alone.

Every corner of Orlem brings me back some memories. Every place I have been to every street I walked, every eatery, stall, bend in the road, etc. clanged at my head and rejigged old things. I never thought I could remember things so well. Each step I took had a past to it. I just could not escape it. Also was the first time in 10 months, ever since I left for Gurgaon that I went about the place.

Damn I cant even look at my clothes. Almost every pair of clothing I have also reminds me of some crazy moments, happy times. It has been a bad flashback. I always thought that I could get on and have lost the past behind. But it was easier said in Gurgaon than done in Bombay.

Felt like a sailor in an old Konkanni movie who left home, news came that his boat was capsized and people assume him dead. Years later he gets home, now nobody recognises him and his house is gone and his wife marries another guy and his kids dont recognise him. Dont remember the name of the movie but can feel just what that sailor was feeling.

Hope this shit ends soon. I wanna move on.

April 3, 2006

Air Dhakkan - The epitome of uncertainity

My love affair with 'Air Dhakkan' continues. This time I was asked to pay up 700 quid for excess baggage. But thats not the reason I'm pissed. People with more baggage than me have happily cleared the check-in. Ok that was tolerable. I was already at bursting point, but still it was ok. Im mighty pissed because everytime I book my tickets on Dhakkan I am subjected to uncertainty, risk, ambuguity and irresponsibility. Not only that I make long distance calls to convince near and dear ones that all is ok. Also I spend a fortune at the airport quietening my stomach. Then I will land at my destination at some godforsaken hour and have to shell out 25% extra as night charges. All in all I spend a lot more. So much for low cost fares. Even the airhostess' are rude. The seats are crappy. (I can take normal seats but I surely dont expect a torn seat with the sponge peeping out). It seems I am not alone. The best part is that none of the groundstaff have a clue about what is happening. I talked to the control room behind the check in at Delhi airport and he told me my flight was on time inspite of me getting a message the previous day that I was delayed by an hour and half. Better still the check in people contradicted what the control room said!

But these no-gooders still get customers! And how? Apparently they have the lowest fares. Their fares are marginally lower than all other carriers. Hence the psychology of the consumers when buying tickets is to go for Dhakkan vis-a-vis other airlines. At that moment they do not have an idea of the other atrocities that Dhakkan will inflict on them. It will be just a matter of timebefore Dhakkan will be unable to attract customers anymore.

Another thing that gets my goat is that Air Dhakkan is always delayed. If not the weather, its 'operational problems'. It always has to hover around airports for 15-20 minutes per flight until its lands. Dunno what Gopi and his team is upto. However, there is a magazine called 'Simplifly' in every seatpouch which speaks of the wonderful service levels of the airline and a few pages have to be extolling the leadership and managerial skills of the CEO. If he is what he claims to be he better do something quick. There are also glowing tributes from customers. (Wonder who these people are?)

And then of course, is the fact that the airline has been reduced to a luxury bus. As soon as the plane lands and while its still taxiing to its terminal, people get up and open the overhead hatches to get their cabin baggage(??!!) WTF! Reminds me our Mumbai locals where we get up from our seats one station ahead to avoid beeing unable to alight! Last time I flew on 1st Jan and the plane was smelling of puke. God knows where this airline is headed!!!