April 29, 2006

Errata: to an earlier post

First I apologize. Many people have been asking me about the post 'The truth behind BSchool PLacements' and I have come out with revised figures. With the help of the most famous ManDevIan on pagalguy. So here goes

I revise the average post tax in hand to 35-37k (thats a hefty 20% increase). Means pre-tax you will be getting around 52-55k types. (Again as I said, its a lot of money .. but thats beside the point here)
Hence you can count 6-6.5L plus the other heads that pull it up to those numbers that newspaper reporter's love to talk about.

Have fun! and please prospective BSchoolers this was just in response to clarification. I'm not glorifying my institute here. Please do not select a BSchool based on the reported figures. Instead like the Alchemist said 'Follow your dreams! And the whole world will conspire to get you there' ;)

Have fun!

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