April 11, 2006

Mumbai -- A changed city

Mumbai has changed. And for the worse. For the past few days I have been stumped as to how can a city that was once known for its hospitality, relative safety for womenfolk, and many other adjectives (that do not come to mind at this unearthly hour) have become a nightmare for its residents.

Today I was conned by a taxi-driver on the way to work. Sad. It was my first day and this guy takes me for a ride around Worli. The same thing would have been unthinkable in the past. So much for the trust of Mumbaikars.

My parents tell me that crime is on the rise. Young call centre employees get mugged at night. Though Im not a big fan of the BPO industry still this is sumthing that never happened or were rare before. Nowadays its very common.

Women are not safe. Flashing is a common phenomena. Especially in deserted streets and quiet neighbourhoods. Whatever happened to Mumbai. Its getting scary.

Today I walked back from the station. Just for kicks. The road to the station is blocked with autorickshaws all over the place. Usually I skipped between vehicles to walk from the station to the bus-stand. Today there wasnt possible. The place sucked. Worse none of the rickshawallas wanted to take a fare to Orlem??!! All the ricks are driven by young Biharis. Dunno whether its their attitude that is killing the city.

Long time back we criticised the Shiv Sena for the 'Mee Mumbaikar' campaign. Everyone got up and against it. But then, post that we havent done anything to preserve the culture of this city. We have allowed it to go to the dogs. Atleast I can clearly notice the difference. Wonder whether that was a right decision then?


Venkat said...

This is very sad to hear! I was expecting a better mumbai when i came back home. hope people realise soon what they are doing to this great city!

The Prolific Dyslexic said...

haan kya ...
i didn't find it so bad in the 10 days i was there ...