October 20, 2004

after a looong looong time

whew!!! 3 months past the last post. just cant believe it...but thats what trying to balance corporate life, studying at the same time and keeping abreast of latest news via mags and papers does to you...

so what do i say.....

august was OK. september Oker and Oct has been not so OK. maybe m sounding crap but cant help it...

in the meantime, I bagged a great project where I will be planning the process start manufacturing a new product at the factory. I also appraised a suggestion for cost cutting and have been doing great...

will post more frequently


July 31, 2004

My first sal

There are some things in life which are special... Some times when you stop and think...OH MY GOSH!!! Did I really do that...Yesterday I recieved my first salary; the fruit of my efforts. No princely sum, but no pittance either. As I handled the Deutsche Bank Cheque a gamut of emotions ran through me. I felt that I had arrived. This was probably the largest ratio in terms of pay/efforts. But then no one taxes you or makes you slog in the first month. Recieved congratulatory messages from evryone and I must thank Mom and Dad for making this day possible. For financing and supporting me all these years and having faith and trust in me. Thank you Mama and Daddy. I love you both!!!!

July 28, 2004

Annnna in the US

Heres to a friend. Sorry... more than a friend. A toast to a great guy who believed that he was himself. Transparent to the world in his actions and thoughts. Defied conventional thinking (and sumtimes paid the price for it). Many made him the butt of their jokes.(Sometimes I too did it). But he continued. He failed at times in his endeavours, but never let it deter him. Today he is an inspiration to me to see him where he is today, and it's a pity I realised this thruth long after he left to follow his dreams. He thought me that come what may your past experiences/failures/misgivings/whatever can never influence your future if you have it in you to follow you dreams. I wont be surprised, if years later I see him in the thick of Racing technology. Simple as he is, he will most probably shrug these few lines that I have written. But the man has done it, and will do it again.....All the best dear Venkat. May you realise all that you have dreamt about in that world which is your own.


July 26, 2004


AIMCAT 502 was a impromptu affair with yours truly sprinting from party to party over the weekend and again making a dash from a family function to the Test centre in 30 mins. As expected the results were not too flattering. Got pushed from 166 AIR in the last moack to 657...sheesh!!! To make matters worse failed to make the Quant %ile.... Heres signing off and hoping to improve things next fortnight!!!


July 15, 2004


AIMCAT # 1 was a good way to shake of the rust as I'd put it. I have published my review and analysis at pagalguy.com/cat . Am too bored to type it again or to provide a link. If u really wanna read the crap then search on the AIMCAT 27/06/04 thread. I go by the nick Gordon.

Landed up with an AIR 166 and a %ile of 97.72 and cleared all cutoffs


A week on the job

Long time since I posted...well things are getting pretty hectic...finished almost 2 weeks of orientation at Siemens Kalwa Works. And this post was bcoz akshat posted a comment asking for updates. I have been put in the Swicthgear factory in the Industrial Engg. dept. An operations function. The one year training will include mainly learning on the job and a project in the last three months of the year. I am upbeat coz I wanna see and play with the software I've heard so much abt... SAP!!! Plus I will b learning many ops related fundaes.

Tommorow we have a party hosted by the Personnel dept. for the inductees 109 of us all!!! at Vashi. Lets the good times roll and heres to many enjoyable moments ahead!!!


June 25, 2004

Review of "The Fountainhead" - Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand in this book potrays man as a " heroic being". The philosophy which is the basis of this novel is Objectivism which she feels offers man a rational philosophy for living on earth by means of which he can achieve the best within him. Frankly the methods followed by Howard Roark (The protagonist) seem ridiculous at times. Ayn sees the world only as a Yes/No thing... but practically the world as we (rather I) know it is made up majorly by the "inbetweens". Well most of her stuff is bizarre and from what I could make out...

>> Accept reality and forego the presence of God!!! ... well this will tend to scandalize purists...but what she means is that we must stop thinking that God controls our destiny or that he makes things happen in our life. Frankly speaking I have seen many things with my own eyes (including miracles ...if they may be called so) to say that Ayn is 100% correct. Another argument is that reason is the instrument of knowledge / progress....true and accepted but still a bit reluctant on the God front

>> Live for own self...be a sort of selfish concieted individual...well i thot it was crap but then its beautifully expressed at the trial when Roark defends his "blasting"...still dont go with it fully. Also man should be an exponent of the free world. He should have no limits whatsoever. That I have a slightly tangent argument...and tht is "that such kinds of freedom have been misused thruout history and will be done again."

well for more on the philosophy visit this link

As for the book....
Message - - -> Not so clear .... not in the league of the common man...and can be easily misunderstood....However some parts are real good.(They will make up another post) 4/10.
Understanding - - -> Difficult..but then its philosophy and not my cuppa tea. 3/10
Readability - - -> well its not a thriller if you thot that and the plot goes haywire somewhere down the middle. (I had to glance off many pages to avoid boredom) 4/10

O/A id say its a 4-5/10...(The higher than normal is for her brand value ;-)!!!

Disclaimer: The views are personal and my own and should not influence you to think that I am from some anti-rand squad. I feel that the book contains good and bad concepts. Choose for thou art a rational being and reason shall be your guide...He He Rand style!!!

June 21, 2004

Preps for CAT 2004

After a long haitus and defragmentation of the brain I decided the time is right to start the prepararions for CAT 2004. Have got with me "Quantitative Aptitude" by RS Aggarwal and notes from IMS. Plan to xchange material with willing people. So those of you willing mail me at gordon_dsouza [at] imap [dot] cc.

Also enrolled for the TIME AIMCATs at Andheri. Nxt sunday is the first AIMCAT so looking forward for another bout of CATMania.

June 19, 2004

Review of "The Alchemist" by Paul Coelho

Read The Alchemist bought on the bylanes of Matunga for 50 bucks (when the printed price suggested 150 bucks and the vendor 80 bucks...good bargain!!!). All in all a fable with many truths quoted...Something like "Who moved my cheese". It tells the story of a young shepherd who goes out to pursue his dreams and finally find treasure. All along the way he picks up pearls of wisdom. Some of the ones that touched me:

"Do something not because it'll help you accomplish other things but bcoz u really want to do it"

"The entire world falls silent when ur soul falls silent"

"Not evryone can see his dreams come true in the same way"

"Evry blessing ignored becomes a curse"

"Evryone has his/her own way of learning things"

"Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.If he abandons that pursuit then it wasn't true love"

"Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself"

The ratings...
Message 9/10 ---- Clear cut message...
Ease of understanding 8/10 --- Very easy to interpret however some parables I dint quite understand. Easy language.

O/A a 8/10. A good book no doubt. Easy to read due to large fonts and can be finished in 2 hrs max. Definately a must read...Inspiring to say the least...

June 18, 2004

Who the Hell is PseudoForce???

Many ppl actaully ask me who is PseudoForce and what the Hell it means...Couldn't help it being a Mechie and not use some erudite mechie terms...Actually Pseudo means something whise effect is felt but whose origins are unknown...And tht is my final goal...of influencing ppl without they feeling it... Sumthing like not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing...He He He...actually quite serious abt it...

The First Post

Well...Actually never thot that I wuld one day have a blog coz I already have a WebSite...but since Im an amatuer at WebSites and updating them takes a lot of my time...so I thot the Blog way would be better especially when I have to air my thots creating web pages is not so easy (Atleast for me)...

So here goes ... the first post!!!