July 15, 2004


AIMCAT # 1 was a good way to shake of the rust as I'd put it. I have published my review and analysis at pagalguy.com/cat . Am too bored to type it again or to provide a link. If u really wanna read the crap then search on the AIMCAT 27/06/04 thread. I go by the nick Gordon.

Landed up with an AIR 166 and a %ile of 97.72 and cleared all cutoffs


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Nemo said...

Hi Gordon,

How are you?.This is Raj/Govind of www.mindshein.net
Just checked your blog, to see any updates you made. ;) write more often Dude. :D Are you busy with your work??.
Take care.Btw, have you written CAT?. It was my dream to do MBA. :) But backed out as the tuition costs are very high (abroad). Will do some day. :)