July 28, 2004

Annnna in the US

Heres to a friend. Sorry... more than a friend. A toast to a great guy who believed that he was himself. Transparent to the world in his actions and thoughts. Defied conventional thinking (and sumtimes paid the price for it). Many made him the butt of their jokes.(Sometimes I too did it). But he continued. He failed at times in his endeavours, but never let it deter him. Today he is an inspiration to me to see him where he is today, and it's a pity I realised this thruth long after he left to follow his dreams. He thought me that come what may your past experiences/failures/misgivings/whatever can never influence your future if you have it in you to follow you dreams. I wont be surprised, if years later I see him in the thick of Racing technology. Simple as he is, he will most probably shrug these few lines that I have written. But the man has done it, and will do it again.....All the best dear Venkat. May you realise all that you have dreamt about in that world which is your own.



Anonymous said...

Thanks my Jeedoo for all the good things u said abt me. i always want people to say things abt me .. good or bad.. this helps me to understand myself better. yes we r more than friends.. ..i consider u as my big bro who was always there for me and will be there too for ever. Plz dont the language i have used becos i am not very good at writing. i always try to write like u gordy but i fail miserably. but i will keep tryin it by writing more on my blog. it is honour and a priviledge to have u has my friend... oops! bro.

urs always ANNA (Venkat)

Anonymous said...

mujhe bhool gaya na