January 29, 2006

FunFest results

Forgive the pic quality. Click to enlarge.
(And Natyamatics dint have any funds for the winners ... so no treat to anyone!!!)

January 26, 2006


Yesterday was Funfest, organised by Natyamatics. There was a flurry of activity throughout the latter half of the day with events like Collage, FacePainting, Ad Mad show, a live performance by Mandolins, etc.

As usual my team reported 5 mins after time for the first event i.e. collage and boy we rocked. Prady, Mansur, me and Sarvo made up the team. Our theme, 'Parties@MDI'.We made a collage that was pretty interesting. It looked more like a sleaze act. But then when you put fournaughty guys together whaddaya expect?

L to R - Harshit, Mansur, Prady, Sarvo, ME and Aditya

The collective brains of horny minds can turn a good theme into this...
Sarvo, ME and Mansur.

In the meantime, me and Tamz had a facepainting entry and again we came up with a masterpiece. This time the theme was 'Rebuilding India' and the master that Tamz is with the brushes, he did a brilliant job. so there I was on the eve of Republic Day looking like an Indian soccer hooligan! (though I doubt the existence of such a tribe!)

GET... SET... GO!!!


L to R - Achyut, Pradeep, Rohin, ME and Pranav

There were many more ... will upload those pics later...

January 24, 2006

The Alumni Meet

Alumni meet was on last Saturday. But I dint get hold of the snaps until recently. It was a celebration of the 10th aniversary of the first graduating batch. The Director hosted a dinner and our clubs Natyamaics and Mandolins performed for the gathering.

Later after dinner we assembled at Parthenon for an informal jamming session with a coupla PG03 guys (superseniors). That was about it. Had a winterball at Change Masters later after that.

The parties at MDI have now become extremely boring so we just hanged out at Bhobe's room playing rock n roll! Of course we joined the party scene whenever we had to refill.

Here are some of the pics of me at the alumni meet.

Me with the gat. Of course I was just posing for the cam. Dont judge which cord I was trying to play!

Hogging gulab jamuns with icecream at the party. Boy did they taste good.

The jam session outside 'Parthenon'
L to R - Tamagna (Tamz), Mansur, Pradeep (Mob), ME, Makesh (Maks)

Fooling around with Pranesh. Forgive the photographer (Bhobe) he took the snap when I almost blinked!

Unnati and Monetrix

Made it to the Unnati team as a Senior Securities Analyst. 'Unnati Investment Management and Research Group' is India's first student managed mutual fund. Most probably will handle the Infrastructure and Engineering portfolio.
Pretty excitied about it. I have always been excited about the stock markets ever since I made my first trade in mid 2003 buying 10 shares of Grasim Industries @ 480 odd bucks. I had made a good return on that investment. Obviously it was Mom's money! Over the years I have come a long way from poring over the quotations in the Economic Times and drawing all sorts of conclusions. I remember carrying the ET to college and my friends asking whether I understood it at all? It took me a year to understand what to read and what not to. Over two and a half years I have made just two losses and luckily for me the scale has been small. Today our (Mom's and mine) assets under management have grown to be substantial.

The next thing I knew, I had made it to the Content Generation team at Monetrix too! Monetrix is our Finance club. I hope I will be able to contribute well to Monetrix. I have lotsa plans and lets see how they materialise.

Lastly I have applied for Delphique for the Operations panel as Research co-ordinator. Lets see how that one works out.

January 13, 2006

The truth about sex

I found an interesting article on rediff.com by Rashmi Bansal titled 'The truth about sex'. It debates whether people get into a realtionship just for sex or not. Somewhere down the middle, it digresses into discussing the history of sex and arousal characteristics of men and women; but (thankfully) at the end returns to the topic but doesnt answer the question.

Seeing many people fall in and out of relationships I agree partly when Rashmi mentions that college students mainly get into relationships to be one with the crowd. Though not explicitly mentioned there is a lot of indirect peer pressure. The same was also highlighted in an article 2 years ago which had appeared in the Bombay Times (a supplement with TOI, Mumbai edition) which said that couples in colleges are forced to 'pet' each other and get 'physical' else risk being labelled as 'frigid'.

This is a disturbing trend since when a relationship breaks down, it becomes very difficult for the persons involved to believe that there was no love involved. It then complicates matters leading to loss of self esteem and depressing times.

I know this sounds like general fart. But then I couldt find a better way to put it across. And no my posts wont be so intense all the time ;-)

The entire article is available at the following link. Click here.

January 8, 2006

Movie fest and minus 1 degrees

For the past three days we at MDI are having a movie fest. Day before yesterday saw 'Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid' and 'The seven year-itch'. Yesterday saw 'The Seven Samurai' of Akiro Kurosawa and 'Waqt' (The old version). Today we have 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Half Ticket'.

Me ... have missed Waqt and Lawrence so far. Plan to go for half ticket in the evening. Butch was a good movie. Hilarious at times, comical and was good timepass. Seven year itch has reinforced my belief not to watch English classics. Sad. Really sad.

The best so far has been Sevem Samurai. The movie was in Japanese with English subtitles. At times the focus goes away from the scene and the entire attention is on the subtitles. Even today the movie is a thrill; which just shows what it might have been in its haydays. Towards the end of the movie, the action scene was fun to watch with everyone passing comments on the scenes and linking them to the random crap that happens at MDI.

The day ended with dry runs for the upcoming placement season.


Yesterday Delhi touched ZERO degrees celcius for the first time in many years. The lowest recorded temperature for the past few years had been 4 degrees. Our campus recorded -1 degrees. And no the water did not freeze in the taps yet. Though it was awfully cold even at 10:30 in the morning. My fingers froze to the extent that I had to solicit help to complete typing out my presentation for the ODC class at noon.

Another coupla weeks before the winter eases...

January 2, 2006

Back to Gurgaon

So im back from the term break. Christmas, Midnight Mass, New year, Mom-Dad's anniversary, a wedding, the beach, hanging out of a mumbai local, chaat, dinners with friends, relatives, walks to Evershine, shopping at InOrbit, gifts, a coupla movies, christmas sweets, Pork Sorpatel, Pork Chilly Fry, Prawns, Wine... the list could just go on. Reminds me of some of the things that I miss over here.

At the airport I just couldnt imagine that I was leaving so quickly. There was so little time and yet though so much was done and so many people met; there were still people to meet and many more things to do.

A new term has started. It looks interesting (but so did term 2!) but a coupla profs just proved me wrong. Anyways me just going with my funda of no baggage from the the past! Lets see if there is any point of the first year of an Indian MBA course.

So heres heralding the New Year and the New Term!!!