January 13, 2006

The truth about sex

I found an interesting article on rediff.com by Rashmi Bansal titled 'The truth about sex'. It debates whether people get into a realtionship just for sex or not. Somewhere down the middle, it digresses into discussing the history of sex and arousal characteristics of men and women; but (thankfully) at the end returns to the topic but doesnt answer the question.

Seeing many people fall in and out of relationships I agree partly when Rashmi mentions that college students mainly get into relationships to be one with the crowd. Though not explicitly mentioned there is a lot of indirect peer pressure. The same was also highlighted in an article 2 years ago which had appeared in the Bombay Times (a supplement with TOI, Mumbai edition) which said that couples in colleges are forced to 'pet' each other and get 'physical' else risk being labelled as 'frigid'.

This is a disturbing trend since when a relationship breaks down, it becomes very difficult for the persons involved to believe that there was no love involved. It then complicates matters leading to loss of self esteem and depressing times.

I know this sounds like general fart. But then I couldt find a better way to put it across. And no my posts wont be so intense all the time ;-)

The entire article is available at the following link. Click here.

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