January 8, 2006

Movie fest and minus 1 degrees

For the past three days we at MDI are having a movie fest. Day before yesterday saw 'Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid' and 'The seven year-itch'. Yesterday saw 'The Seven Samurai' of Akiro Kurosawa and 'Waqt' (The old version). Today we have 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Half Ticket'.

Me ... have missed Waqt and Lawrence so far. Plan to go for half ticket in the evening. Butch was a good movie. Hilarious at times, comical and was good timepass. Seven year itch has reinforced my belief not to watch English classics. Sad. Really sad.

The best so far has been Sevem Samurai. The movie was in Japanese with English subtitles. At times the focus goes away from the scene and the entire attention is on the subtitles. Even today the movie is a thrill; which just shows what it might have been in its haydays. Towards the end of the movie, the action scene was fun to watch with everyone passing comments on the scenes and linking them to the random crap that happens at MDI.

The day ended with dry runs for the upcoming placement season.


Yesterday Delhi touched ZERO degrees celcius for the first time in many years. The lowest recorded temperature for the past few years had been 4 degrees. Our campus recorded -1 degrees. And no the water did not freeze in the taps yet. Though it was awfully cold even at 10:30 in the morning. My fingers froze to the extent that I had to solicit help to complete typing out my presentation for the ODC class at noon.

Another coupla weeks before the winter eases...

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