January 24, 2006

Unnati and Monetrix

Made it to the Unnati team as a Senior Securities Analyst. 'Unnati Investment Management and Research Group' is India's first student managed mutual fund. Most probably will handle the Infrastructure and Engineering portfolio.
Pretty excitied about it. I have always been excited about the stock markets ever since I made my first trade in mid 2003 buying 10 shares of Grasim Industries @ 480 odd bucks. I had made a good return on that investment. Obviously it was Mom's money! Over the years I have come a long way from poring over the quotations in the Economic Times and drawing all sorts of conclusions. I remember carrying the ET to college and my friends asking whether I understood it at all? It took me a year to understand what to read and what not to. Over two and a half years I have made just two losses and luckily for me the scale has been small. Today our (Mom's and mine) assets under management have grown to be substantial.

The next thing I knew, I had made it to the Content Generation team at Monetrix too! Monetrix is our Finance club. I hope I will be able to contribute well to Monetrix. I have lotsa plans and lets see how they materialise.

Lastly I have applied for Delphique for the Operations panel as Research co-ordinator. Lets see how that one works out.

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