January 2, 2006

Back to Gurgaon

So im back from the term break. Christmas, Midnight Mass, New year, Mom-Dad's anniversary, a wedding, the beach, hanging out of a mumbai local, chaat, dinners with friends, relatives, walks to Evershine, shopping at InOrbit, gifts, a coupla movies, christmas sweets, Pork Sorpatel, Pork Chilly Fry, Prawns, Wine... the list could just go on. Reminds me of some of the things that I miss over here.

At the airport I just couldnt imagine that I was leaving so quickly. There was so little time and yet though so much was done and so many people met; there were still people to meet and many more things to do.

A new term has started. It looks interesting (but so did term 2!) but a coupla profs just proved me wrong. Anyways me just going with my funda of no baggage from the the past! Lets see if there is any point of the first year of an Indian MBA course.

So heres heralding the New Year and the New Term!!!

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