June 19, 2004

Review of "The Alchemist" by Paul Coelho

Read The Alchemist bought on the bylanes of Matunga for 50 bucks (when the printed price suggested 150 bucks and the vendor 80 bucks...good bargain!!!). All in all a fable with many truths quoted...Something like "Who moved my cheese". It tells the story of a young shepherd who goes out to pursue his dreams and finally find treasure. All along the way he picks up pearls of wisdom. Some of the ones that touched me:

"Do something not because it'll help you accomplish other things but bcoz u really want to do it"

"The entire world falls silent when ur soul falls silent"

"Not evryone can see his dreams come true in the same way"

"Evry blessing ignored becomes a curse"

"Evryone has his/her own way of learning things"

"Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.If he abandons that pursuit then it wasn't true love"

"Fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself"

The ratings...
Message 9/10 ---- Clear cut message...
Ease of understanding 8/10 --- Very easy to interpret however some parables I dint quite understand. Easy language.

O/A a 8/10. A good book no doubt. Easy to read due to large fonts and can be finished in 2 hrs max. Definately a must read...Inspiring to say the least...

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