April 22, 2006

1000 hits (and possibly screwed too)

Past few days have seen unprecedented traffic on my blog. Thanks to some soul on pagalguy.com who has advertised my link and has probably made parts of my personal life public. Though I started blogging way back in June 2004, almost two years ago, I installed the hit counter on November 30th. Even so, there might not be a big lag in actual versus official dates coz the blog was not visited frequently. Returning visitors were Venkee and Milan.

The site stats thrown up by Bravenet.
How I wish that graph were indicative of my investments!

But since MDI happened, Guru Bhobe (blog)has been a regular. Along with Ronnie and some others. Bhobe is a revolutionary poet in the making. Ronnie is MDI's arse (coz everyone likes to kick it!) Sorry Ronnie ... had to say it. For all their efforts, they could never make the graph look the way it is today.

Which puts me in the soup. I know some of the faculty who read pagalguy, especially following the interview reviews pertaining to MDI. Now our profs are sure to have read my posts here. Which means that I am screwed. Anyways I had my opinion and I voiced it with backing.

So much for the other side of publicity!


The Prolific Dyslexic said...

scared chicken
mereko to tune ekdum gadar (woh ex-naxalite) jaise bana diya

Dexter said...

hey! it was me who posted that link on pagalguy! ha ha! no no...no need to thank me! yeh to mera farz thaa :)