April 6, 2006

Of old times & old memories

The thrill of coming back home is almost gone. Rather now in retrospect I think it was the thrill of getting out of college and acads for the next 2 odd months. Had a great first day at home and it ended there. The next day I took a walk just like the days when Audrey and me took our long walks. This time I was alone.

Every corner of Orlem brings me back some memories. Every place I have been to every street I walked, every eatery, stall, bend in the road, etc. clanged at my head and rejigged old things. I never thought I could remember things so well. Each step I took had a past to it. I just could not escape it. Also was the first time in 10 months, ever since I left for Gurgaon that I went about the place.

Damn I cant even look at my clothes. Almost every pair of clothing I have also reminds me of some crazy moments, happy times. It has been a bad flashback. I always thought that I could get on and have lost the past behind. But it was easier said in Gurgaon than done in Bombay.

Felt like a sailor in an old Konkanni movie who left home, news came that his boat was capsized and people assume him dead. Years later he gets home, now nobody recognises him and his house is gone and his wife marries another guy and his kids dont recognise him. Dont remember the name of the movie but can feel just what that sailor was feeling.

Hope this shit ends soon. I wanna move on.

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The Prolific Dyslexic said...

funnily i've seen that movie thrice ... don't know the name either :D
btw .. there are only a few of them that i've seen ... 4-5 and that was years ago ...