June 30, 2006

The Bald and the beautiful

July 4th, 2006
Due to the possibility of a modelling assignment anytime this or the next month, I will be delaying the bald look till further notice. Hell, I forgot to factor in this ritual that the senior batch of MBA students have to undergo every year. I wouldn't want to look like a don to the recruiters who flock this place. Sorry to disappoint you folks!

I am planning to go bald. My sis has given strict warnings against it. But then what do cute 11 year old girls know about the sex appeal of bald men (read about it somewhere!) ... ;)

Jokes apart, just want to try something different. And since there is no girlfriend, wife, mistress who will threaten to leave me if I do take the step, I've decided why not? Just wait till the current crop of hair has reached its threshold length. I'll post the pics of the bald and the beautiful. ;)


Anonymous said...

Dude you should go bald. But you should stay bald for some time. Don't make it a one-off thing. It feels great, especially while riding a bike !!

Venkat said...

no max u cant do it!...nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Anonymous said...

Blah, chicken !!