October 19, 2006

"For the best lessons I learnt in life, I didn't receive any marks"

It's one of those one liners ... not borrowed, not made up ... but straight from the heart of one of my friends here.

One of the drastic changes in me over the past one year is the utter disregard for meaningless numbers. If you are interested read this and this. I was not like this always. I used to measure myself with grades and marks and feel depressed if I didn't meet the standards which I set for myself (most of which were so high I could never achieve it without losing my sanity!) Extreme ambition basically drives you mad. Somewhere along the line I attained Nirvana (Thanks buddy for your company!). And thats when I decided that some bloody number with two decimal places is not going to decide who I am, what I'm going to do in life and what I'm going to achieve.

Rock on Abyuthvad!!! ... please come up with some more pearls of wisdom, we need more people like you in this world of RG.

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