December 1, 2006

Finally ... it is finished!!!

Ah finally it is over. There has been loads of work in the past few weeks. For starters it was JP Morgan's all India case study on the valuation of a Chinky company. At the end of it all I was haunted by Free Cash Flows and Excel sheets. However my team members Porter and Sanky and me learnt the inside out of valuations. It was a good learning experience.

Then came the autobiography on self for the course on Self Development and Interpersonal Relations. The prof wanted something of a minimum of 20 pages. Poor me. I started typing and along the way I got so carried away and it went to 31 pages. The autobiography looked good at the end of it all and believe it or not it made me relive some of my happiest moments. Yes I also got a bit sentimental in between. Autobiographies are a good way to explore yourself and they actually help you understand yourself better. Everyone should write an autobiography!

Simulataneously, I was working on a course of independant study on 'Corporate Renewal' We have an option here of taking a CIS in lieu of a full credit where we study a subject of our choice for the entire term. Obviously the perks are that there are no classes, no quizzes and that you define your work and your pace. The cons are that since one is free one tends to not work until the advent of deadlines.

So thats what took all my time and kept me away from blogging all this while. Will be coming up with updates soon!


Rinaldo said...

You already had an autobiography. It's called a blog.


Rahul said...

Drat - I wonder why the JPMC competition wasn't open for PGP1 - I'd have loved to participate. Let's see how our PGP2s fare, though. Glad you had lots of fun.

And boss - 31-page autobiography! Well. I wonder if you could post snippets from that magnum opus of yours on this blog.

Have fun! Cheers,

- RG.

PS - have given in to the temptation, have converted my humour blog to an MBA blog! :-)