June 1, 2007

Weight can make you unemployed!

The Delhi HC recently told a group of overweight airhostesses to shape up or ship out

Some of the arguments put forward by Justice Rekha Sharma make no sense, especially something like this -

"Observing that planes nowadays fly at 'very high altitude' and are prone to mid-air technical snags, the court said the safety of passengers depended on the cabin crew’s alacrity and presence of mind."

In the event of a technical snag I doubt anybody will trust an air-hostess to rectify the situation given the high risk involved. Such matters are best left to those who are trained in such work. Secondly there is no relation between a persons weight and the ability to solve a problem. At least I don't think so.

However the cabin crew profession is one where looks and personality matter, both for flight pursers and air-hostesses, it makes sense to see that those attending to you give you that in flight experience. You feel bad when the cabin crew in some airlines (which shall not be named) look like your grandparents, worse still when they huff and puff pushing the trolleys bringing you food, etc. Contrast this with airlines like KF where right from check-in you are greeted by smart looking men and women (mostly women) to the in-flight experience and the post flight baggage claim. You want to travel by KF again and again.

And the counter claim that weight control is an insult to womanhood. Sorry ma'am I think you are in the wrong profession

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