January 24, 2008

Points to ponder

The man in the pic alongside is smiling. And why not? The first ever IPO from his fold has managed to mobilise $200 bn. If that number makes you shrug, think about it this way - Thats 20% or 1/5th of the value of all the goods and services provided by our nation (in other words the GDP) this year. And all this in 4 working days. Staggering no?

People haggle like crazy when they buy Rs.50 worth of groceries in the market. They will consult experts in person when they buy electronics worth Rs.5,000. They will make sacrifies and carefully calculate monthly budgets when they pay Rs.500,000 for their childrens education. They will save for years to buy a house worth Rs.5,000,000. Yet when it comes to buying a piece of some company worth some Rs.50,000 crore they rely on stock tips, brokers and speculation. Amazing no?

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