August 15, 2008


Are we born intelligent or can genius be created? How do people achieve Nirvana? What is that sixth sense? I had a chat with a colleague sometime back and we agreed to the following conclusion - 'THAT genius is Thought that has travelled extensively, created gazillions of permutations, evaluated the results and wired one's brain to think along these terms'

In simpler terms, it's all about pattern recognition. Most people I consider genius' have devoted considerable time to this pursuit. When they spent all their time on stuff they liked to do they were, at some subconcious level, storing patterns and creating natural software to evaluate them. Of course, passion and strong grasping power helps a bit and also limits us - one can't be passionate about multiple things.

So with all this gyaan that I am freely disbursing why am I not a genius? Well efforts are on and progress is slow, but frankly I'm just plain lazy to educate myself. I am too busy working that I am cheating myself of intellectual energy. Aren't we all?

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