May 5, 2006

Thus spake the Lord ...

"Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child, and children will rise against their parents, and have them put to death"

The Holy Bible, Matthew 10:21

The events of the past few days and ultimately Pramod Mahajan's death have had this verse from the Bible rankling in my head. Ever since I have been hearing it at various Church readings for years, I never understood the meaning nor thought that such a thing is possible. Yes I have heard of fights about property, fistfights, a sexual abuse case, etc and what not. Shooting your brother in broad daylight, intentionally, coolly walking off; all for not being treated well? I don't think so.

Even last year when some middle aged man killed his father and buried him in the wall of his bedroom, a la 100 Days (a decent Bolly flick for its time), I refused to believe. There are psychos who do crazy things. And in a world of over 6 billion, you get all sorts of people. And then there are always the newspapers who dramatise things in such a way that the frontpage has a headline screaming 'Corpse excavated from apartment wall', in such a way you'll never know what actually happened.

Such events have been becoming extremely regular and that's what scares me. Hope that prophecy doesn't become a trend.

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