August 4, 2006

Mountain delight ... Part 2 (Navigation exercise)

The Navigation exercise involved 2 teams led by 3 leaders each. The objective was to collect 7 clues and return to base within 90 minutes. The route was through the mountainside, forest and farms. I was one of the leaders for my team. We completed the task in 83 minutes and compromised one clue. The other team took considerably more time and compromised 3 clues.

A lot has been discussed in class about the different behaviours that we observed. The key takeways of the activity were to look at things as a whole and not as disparate parts. It also involved resolving conflicts, taking key decisions with ambigous data when clues were hard to find and finally taking the entire team along; of course learning to have fun along the way!

The terrain ... fun in the mountains...

Searching for clues at the temple. Tough decision! compromised a clue & moved on.

A happy team. After we got on track after searching for a clue for 30 minutes!

Another portion of the trail ... through the farms

Through the farms, cattle. We had some really good apples courtesy some a kind couple.

And finally, some gyan, and Relak Singh (bad one, I know .... for those who dint get it ... relaxing)

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