August 5, 2006

Mountain delight ... Part 7 All good things come to an end

It was a wonderful trip. I guess if one actually spent some time on understanding himself and others he would gain maximum benefit from the course. Some final pics.

Contemplative here ... looking at the mountains when Bhobe decided to use me as a guinea pig to test the finer points of Evaristo's cam!

Pranesh, as usual the stud of the North, seems to know all the Godforsaken places in the world. Here he led us to a steep cleft in the rock face which led to a place he called 'The Rock'. Me with my fear of heights decided not to do any 'chavagiri'. I lay down quietly on the rock with largest surface area. Great pic no doubt!

A jungle path behind the rocks!

Stepped mountain slopes.

Stepped slopes again!

And then it was evening. Time to pack up and head for the aademic rigour of MDI ... :(

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... This is part of an MBA? Wowie. Maybe it's time I signed up. Averil