August 24, 2005

Another Birthday

Seems to be raining Birthdays. Today's was Harshit Jain's. Pranesh's roomie and the macchhan down the hall.

After the Rangmanch which I skipped coz of tiredness, we had a good time splashing cake and getting splashed too. Pranesh had arranged ummm..."balloons" :-) to be tied around Jain's neck. After the revelries where I perfected the art of cake snacthing. (We gotta do tht here else you are left high and dry), we landed our asses at the Nescafe stall on campus where Prady got bumps for reasons best kept secret.

Later we hauled ourselves to the HERO ITES canteen across the road where we hogged on mutton rolls, chicken rolls, Maggi and soft drinks.

Nice treat... stomach was bloody filled. Good end to an evening after listening to a speaker on business excellence.

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