August 26, 2005

We are the Champions!!!

Section A of PGPM had a cricket match against Section B; and by Jove, we beat the shit outta them. We played 12 players against the tradional 11. (We make the rules Wo-kay...!!!)Prady (Sec A skipper) got us to bat first and we ammased 73 runs in the allocated 15 overs. Dhamija gave us a good start with a coupla fours and sixes. Then there was a lull for some time. It picked up again when Raghav went to the crease. (albeit this time the runs came from extras). Me went as last man scored a coupla runs before getting runout on the last ball.

The fun started when Sec B (skippered by Hada) came to bat. They lost 4 wickets in the 3rd over. (Bowled by me obviously!!! ;-)...) 2 of these were due to some sensless running and some brilliant fielding. one was a stumping (thanx Prady) and the other caught (thanks to Tommy also...). Then some real tight bowling by Raj and a stupendous spell from Rohit Prakash (2 wickets each) that really broke the back of secB. Rohit is a gem of a bowler. He has a good line and length and can come up with the surprise bouncer too. He was the quickest guy today. Prady too joined in the fun with a wicket. Dhamija got one too and the last was a run-out in my third over. Pity there were no cams to capture the moments :-( ...

The match over, sec B had a bumps session. Hada got kicked. And we hauled ourselves to the canteen for a treat!!!

Three cheers for sec A Hip Hip Hooray!!! ...Hip Hip Hooray!!! ...Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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