August 28, 2005

Spam Festival @ MDI

Today saw an unprecedented 200+ mails from 2230 hrs yesterday to 0315 hrs today. Am still in splits after going thru each of the 200 odd mails. Ultimate bullcrap and random stuff happening on campus. Every student worth worth his salt in all the batches (PGPM, PGHR and all NMP batches) had a torrent of mails flooding his/her mailbox.

It all started when a certain Kamlesh from the NMP batch sent an apology citing reasons why he was sending absolutely usolicited mail over the past few days. Some of the reasons claimed were the high level of stress that NMP goes thru (so PGPM indulges in social loafing eh?...) and also how he's been separated from his better half (Ardhangani according to him...seriously is he that stressed out??). Hence his decision to reduce the average stress level of every bloke on campus by indulging in crappy fwds. He aptly titled his apology "Closing of series"

What he got (and we in the bargain) was worse than a backlash. It didn't help matters that PG04 has their end-terms starting Monday and they too decided to "de-stress" themselves. We had our representation too, with Guru Bhobe, Piyush Joshi (Mansur's gr8 roomie), Singla, and many others freely spamming. Topics were arbit, replies even arbit, some guy copy-pasted Urdu poetry, another a research paper, yet another some crazy news. PJs reached a new level of sadism. The Maharashtrians did Marathi proud, the Bengalis followed suit, the Punjabis did an encore. There were many screaming for the whole thing to stop, and an equal number begging for it to go on.

One poor chap called Hemankur Upadhyaya got a bomb. (For the unintiated a bomb is when ur name is copied n number of times in the "To" field which sends you precisely that many mails.) To make matters worse people who replied to that spam knowingly or unknowlingly did a reply all. Poor Hemankur Upadhyaya got about 400 extra spams for no rhyme or reason.

When the junta got tired, they changed the "Closing of series" to "Here we go" reflecting change in the theme (which was not changed subsequently). People ranted and raved some more. After all the dust settled it was around 3 AM in the morning, with yours truly so busy reading and laughing his head off that he sent the penultimate mail of the festival.

Wish we had more of these... just a pleasant change from the usual MBA night outs.

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