August 29, 2005

The journey of a few thousand miles begins with a single click...

Ah, that famous quote. How very apt to what I am going to share. Today early morning when I was flying through some CRC work (you dont wanna know what that is), I hit a loud of boredom; then a cloud of restlessness and finally a cloud of irritation. What the heck... I said to myself. I logged in to Yahoo! to see if any kind soul was willing to chat. All contacts had some wierdo status to their nicks and I thought it best to leave them alone.

But, in the mess of yellow smilies I saw Mansur online...(a completely useless statement because he was exactly 3 metres away logged in on Pradeep's lappie). I typed in some text and the click of the "Send" button took those text via my LAN cable to MDI's servers. From there it was sent to the ISP provider who inturn passed it on to the international gateway VSNL. VSNL transported that text via underground cables (or did it not??...dont care and doesnt matter) to the US. At Yahoo!' s servers there it searched for Mansur's ID and then began a return journey (maybe a satellite could be involved .. I no tech guy) back all the way and to our very room where it all began. A loud ping was heard and those few words which had kinda gone around the world plopped onto Mansur's screen. The entire exercise took a mere 4 seconds.

We played a lil' more... sent each other invectives when we could have easily shouted it across the 3 metres that separated our lappies. We laughed our heads out at the crazy journey data was making. It was the height of joblessness!!!

Thats what it was... The journey of some thousand miles... it began with a lazy click...

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