August 26, 2005


Apart from the various clubs at MDI, this one club where you don't have to prepare for club membership dont have to have any are a member by default.

Introducing Bumps Core Committee Incorporated. (BCCI). We are a group of professional butt kickers. No incentives needed. No payment taken. Just plain simple butt kicking. All we need is a group of frustu people and an arbit reason (which happens 99% of the time...the rest are birthdays ;-)....)

A few examples where we have demonstrated our expertise....
Dheeresh got kicked for re-installing Windows
I got kicked for buying a new lappie
Hari usually gets kicked for scoring the highest in the quiz
Raj and Porter (Prashant) got kicked for DCP (Desparate Class Participation... more on that later)
Prady who got kicked for ummm.... (No, this has to remain secret!!!)
All the people elected/selected to prominent posts/committees in MDI. (There are many of them)
All the roomies/pseudo-roomies who get kicked whenever their roomie is kicked for any reason.

And many more arbit reasons...

If U are frustrated. If you have nothing better to do. If you just wanna get someone kicked, join us (No joining criterias), we have innovative reasons and we will not let you down ....

Hail BCCI!!!....

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