August 13, 2005

What love is for me...

Went thru certain experiences in the last two weeks which have made me introspect into the meaning of love... and here are my thoughts raw .....

Love is all encompassing. It is the creator of life. Without love there cannot be life. You cannot go through life without love. Life then becomes a burden, a liability.

Love includes many things. It has the good and the bad times. It includes great and not-so-great experiences. It includes happiness and sorrow.

When you love someone, you love without restraint. You give of yourself, completely and totally. You don’t think of what you want. “You” becomes immaterial. The person you love becomes paramount. You forget your needs. You give and give and give.

Love forgives. It doesn’t hold grudges, nor does it want to take revenge. In bad times also, it exults in the person you love.

It doesn’t look at appearances. It looks straight into the heart. It looks for true meaning.

Love grows. It takes the people with it on a journey of self-discovery. It teaches the mind, it trains the soul. It educates the individual.

Love is pure. It is clean. It is glorious.

Love brings forth fruit. It gives birth to emotions. It gives rise to feelings. It gives rise to passions. But it doesn’t mean that if the fruit is not there the tree is bad. The tree requires nourishment. Love requires re-enforcement.

Love can also bring forth experiences which may not be good. These may include pain, suffering, misery, anxiety, remorse and the like. These are testing times for love. They test the true nature and character of love. They set new benchmarks, to know the limits to which you can love. They are necessary to show you where you stand and where you can be.

Love doesn’t aim to change people. It takes pride in the diversity of itself. It doesn’t tailor the person to suit its needs.

Thats all for now... will add more later

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