August 23, 2005

A belated Birthday

Roomie Pradeep Verghese's birthday was on the 14th of August; when me and Mansur (our pseudo-roomie) were out on holidays. We din't get a chance to kick him and Prady and Pranesh had taken the roomie's honours on our behalf (For the uninitiated, roomie's honours entail splashing cake on the bday boys face and also getting bumps from the mob that joins in the revelry.

Considering the fact that we hadn't gifted Pradeep and the unfairness to Prady and Pranesh we decided to have a small re-take.

We got Pradeep a brown-grey Tshirt, essentianlly because he has many black tees. Mansur was hell bent on changing his wardrobe (actually Pradeep's almirah is still not filled coz he's not unpacked). We also got him "Short tales of Saki" by some Hector Munro (Mansur's choice... im not a lit guy!!). All the macchhans of the ground floor, neighbour Dheeresh and Comm. Jt. Secy. Karishma descended to our room and surprised Verghese.

(Verghese surprised)
Clockwise : Birthday boy Pradeep (black tee), Pranesh, Abhishek, Prady (hidden), me, Suresh (can just see his glasses), Mansur and Karishma.

Verghese checking out his tee

It ended with birthday fags, Dunhill sponsered by Abhishek and lit by Pradeep. The smokers puffed. Non smokers (me included) watched. And then it was the traditional butt kicking session!!!

BDay fags... Dheeresh looks on

PS: Kindly forgive the clothesline in the room. We just decided to do our Laundry that day.

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