August 24, 2005

Pind Balluchi

Tradition demands that the junior core teams of all the clubs treat the senior core team of the respective club. And so, keepers of tradition that we are, a dinner was arranged at a nearby punjabi restautrant.

"Pind Balluchi" (thats the name of the restaurant) is a nice place with ambience for all settings. They have a family section, a kinda separate section (presumably for youth who prefer to rant, rave and scream between mouthfuls) and a short starry staircase which leads you to a dimly lit cave type setting with two chairs per table. (I dont think I need to mention the reasons for the above atmosphere)

The food was good. Obviously it is difficult to socialise at places where forty people descend onto few square feet and whose sole intention is to hog whatever the waiter brings on his tray. It reminded me of our birthday parties on campus where you can literally see cake disappear. (The waiter always lingered for the customary second it took to empty the tray so he could take it back an save his effort)

Back to campus and it was zzzz. Have late lectures tomorrow. Can afford to sleep and chuck the work!!!

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